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        Fa?ade Consultancy


        Fa?ade Design and Consulting Service

        To assist the client and architect, we propose and recommend the most effective and best price efficient external fa?ade solutions, depending on the architectural design, local regulations, building structure, material selection and preliminary construction cost analysis etc.

        Tender Evaluation Service

        Together with the client, we set-up the bidding procedure of fa?ade contracting, we provide the professional technical evaluation of tender documents, and we help the client to choose the most suitable contractor of fa?ade engineering.

        Quality Management Service

        We inspect the project execution plan of the fa?ade contractor, we audit the quality during the whole process period of project execution, so as to ensure that the overall quality of project and the design expectation be 100% realized.

        BIM Design and Project Management Service

        We develop and optimize the fa?ade solution starting from design, fabrication, assembling, installation until system maintenance by utilizing BIM methodologies. With BIM technologies we achieve the best results at highest efficiency in terms of time, material and man-powers.


        Intelligent building products

        In response to the national promotion strategy of pre-installed buildings, Schmidlin group cooperated with French company JOUSSELIN in 2017 and invested in the construction of factories specialized in the production of Integrated Precast Wall products in Shanghai and Shandong respectively. This is the first time to achieve full intelligent production of Integrated Precast Wall products. Automatic concrete casting, multi-angle CNC surface treatment and other world - top intelligent production and processing equipment guarantee the exquisite quality of IPCW.

        IPCW Integrated Precast Wall system: Schmidlin provides the overall solution from design scheme deepening, production to completion. We focus on every detail from drawing to reality and carry out architects' creativity in the most professional, efficient, economical and environmental friendly way. With profound service experience in fa?ade consulting industry and practical production of many landmark buildings in Europe, Schmidlin has created a mature and stable Integrated Precast Wall system for China's construction industry.

        Selected Key Reference Projects

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