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        The Hangzhou International Conference Center won the "Zhan Tianyou Award", which is the highest award for civil engineering in China.

        This group of giant sculptural buildings, standing at the heart of the city, not only have clear symbolic meaning, but also well implied Hangzhou's past and future, together to form a beautiful meaning of the harmany of sun and moon.

        Schmidlin is in charge of facadel consultation of this ball with a diameter of 85 meters, which is the largest steel sphere building in China. It is not easy to make the  structure look "round" in the construction process, also the biggest difficulty is to ensure radian.

        Schmidlin technical team overcame various difficulties, and achieved the initial design concept almost perfectly with the designer and construction team.

        Hangzhou International Convention Center

        Location:East Jiefang Road, Hangzhou


        Carlos Ott Architect
        China United Engineering Corporation Limited

        Type of Building:Public Building

        Relevant Projects:


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