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        Sunac no. 1 binjiang courtyard is only a few steps away from huangpu river. It has become the biggest proposition of architectural design to create comfortable space in residential buildings and welcome full urban scenery into life at the same time. The architects wanted to emphasize the theme of landscape and view, so the doors and Windows system adopted the form of imitation large glass curtain wall, the facade modeling emphasizes the simple and modern overall image, and at the same time in different urban interfaces slightly differentiated.

         In order to achieve a more integrated and safer external wall construction, our technical team in charge of curtain wall consulting made fine adjustments to the main structure and external facade effect while guaranteeing the same facade effect. Combined with our rich experience and precise calculation, we adjusted the thickness of concrete structure side beam to the minimum size on the premise of satisfying the safety of structural stress, and ensured the integrity of transparent wall to the maximum extent, perfectly realizing the architect's original idea.

        Shanghai SUNAC One Sino Park

        Location:Huangpu District, Shanghai


        GOA Group of Architects

        Type of Building:Residential Bulding

        Relevant Projects:

        Wuhan Sunac Center


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