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        The EDF National Archives is a very successful example of green architecture.The 19m high building within a total surface of 7000 suaremeters which has been designed with an efficient energy saving of the building fa?ade, an appropriate water/electricity/wind cycling system and the use of renewable energy, obtain the BBC construction certification. 

        In order to get a relatively lightweight sense of volume, the architect embedded decorative nails of stainless steel into the precast panels. The surface of the nails reflects the colorful and seasonal changes of the surrounding environment, thus weakening the outline of the building. Because of the materials and the concrete cladding technology (limited thermal bridge), the performance of the building' s fa?ade has been greatly improved from the concrete interlayer (structure+ surface) to the insulation layer (30cm), which achieves the perfect combination of beauty and function.

        The EDF National Archives



        Type of Building:Public Building

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