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        Oriental fisherman's wharf is located in the huangpu river development core zone, adjacent to the north bund area, with a high standard of "ocean culture" and "fish culture" as the theme, the fusion of humanities and history, the Huangpu river scenery, hydrophilic, green land, Marine culture expo, world seafood restaurant, the international travel service, advanced business office, and other functions into an organic whole, is one of the key projects of the huangpu river of Shanghai comprehensive development.

        The main building of Oriental fisherman's wharf is composed of two buildings with a strong contrast in form. The sail-shaped building, as an office building, is a towering super high-rise building, while the commercial shopping center is nestled to the side like a fish. The shaped curved roof makes it full of a sense of flexibility. One station one lie, one static move, the architectural complex shows intense contrast tension.

        Shanghai Oriental Fisherman's Wharf




        Type of Building:Shopping Mall, Hotel & Office Building

        Relevant Projects:


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