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        Dalian Greenland center is located in the core of Donggang business district, adjacent to summer davos BBS, grand theater and yacht dock. The plan is to build a super high-rise urban complex integrating super five-star seaview hotel, international A Class office building, high-end business buidings and apartments. 

        It is the tallest building in northeast China. The facade of this super high-rise building with sea breeze is made of full-body glass curtain wall. The design of the front is unique. The curved glass curtain wall leads directly from the bottom to the top to form a groove of curtain wall.

        Dalian GreenLand Center

        Location:Core Area of Donggang District,Dalian


        HOK Group, Inc.

        Type of Building:

        Relevant Projects:

        Xi'an GreenLand Center
        Shunde GreenLand Center
        Ningbo GreenLand Center
        Wuxi GreenLand Central Plaza


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