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        Apartment O6B, located in the Paris neighborhood of clichy-batignolles, resembles an oversized origami work, with a balcony roof that is the most distinctive part of the building, and concrete precast panels with large surfaces that present soft beige.

        In order to satisfy the bright color and durability of the large surface materials, the designer chose the Jousselin colorful concrete precast plate. Prefabricated components of the same specification produce rich and vivid visual effects by changing the direction of layout. Compared with the later colored materials, colorful concrete is made of cement mortar with mineral pigments, which will not fade or produce local color difference under the action of strong light and weathering, guaranteeing the durability of the building appearance to the maximum extent.

        Paris O6B Apartment

        Location:Clichy-Batignolles, Paris


        Type of Building:Residencial Building

        Relevant Projects:


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