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        Lujiazui finance holding plaza -- a group of buildings with a decorative steel exterior that is striking even in the high-rise lujiazui financial district.

        The stainless steel structure of the building has a very clever shape design. The steel structure is formed by a hexagonal structure with a large difference in the ratio of length to width. With the multi-angle cooperation of sunlight and light, the scheme that combines the sawtooth glass contour line and the sawtooth structure edge line can not only reduce the sunlight radiation of the building by nearly 49%, but also show a rich and varied contour and light effect.

        Lujiazui Financial Holding Plaza, Shanghai

        Location:Century avenue, Lujiazui, Shanghai


        Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP(SOM)

        Type of Building:Office Building

        Relevant Projects:


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