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        People's Square, the most central part of an international metropolis city of Shanghai, the municipal facilities of this area are highly profiled. Due to the urgency of the renovation project, the government of Huangpu district together with the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute has finally decided to use the IPCW Integrated Precast Wall Systems by considerations of the artistic, practical innovative forms of structure, the presentation of Shanghai style features, and through sampling and detailed evaluations etc,. IPCW product features align perfectly with the requirements of the municipal infrastructure construction so that all of the benches and retaining wall flower beds are completely factory prefabricated to minimize the construction period on site, and guarantee that the square can be function during construction. The molding process of prefabricated parts is using the French stainless steel precise template to ensure the precision and exquisite modeling. Special-shaped components are embedded with lighting equipment and drainage pipelines to ensure the integrity of the shapes. Such a complex structure still adopts integrated forming technology to reduce the construction period on site, save energy and protect environment. 

        Renovation Project of Municipal Facilities in Shanghai People's Square



        Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute

        Type of Building:Municipal Facilities

        Relevant Projects:


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