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        The bench in the garden of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Administration Committee has a very spatial geometric shape that not only has crisp contour lines, but also needs the right arc edges and corners, this requires very high to the mold accuracy. IPCW's mold team uses BIM system simulates the shape to achieve the design intent accurately and quickly. As a "furniture", each PreCast Landscape Components has been planned as a whole for the installation method from the beginning of its design, with hoisting holes and load-bearing wooden position reserved on the components, so that the finished product can be installed, maintained and disassembled safely and quickly and install in place as easily as finished furniture. In this exquisitely laid out garden, with the careful and reasonable design plan in the early stage, nearly 10 sets of heavy benches were hoisted in place in only 90 minutes, without affecting the original facilities and greening at all, and greatly saving construction costs.

        Garden bench of China Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Administration Committee



        Type of Building:IPCL PreCast Landscape Components

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