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        The new development at the former industrial park at Baoshan symbolises a new approach and strategy in transforming an existing industrial area. Central to this strategy is the importance of long-term social and economic sustainability to ensure that the project stands the test of time while managing unforeseen challenges and dealing with change. One of the project's key objectives is to attract top businesses and organisations with a high-quality environment.

        The formation of public space has been at the core of the project since its inception. Accordingly, while the architectural design of the 28 on-site buildings is highly important, focus is on the spaces between the buildings, large- and small-scale public and private spaces, and the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. The design is conceived as a dynamic area that enables and encourages positive interpersonal contact and collaboration, including spontaneous interaction and meetings.

        The master plan's 14 hectares has a series of themed nodal points defining specific locations where individuals can meet, work, relax and engage in recreational activities. Each building is uniquely designed with a passive fa?ade to reduce cooling requirements.

        Shanghai Future Office Park




        Type of Building:Industrial Park

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