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        CapitaMall LuOne is one of CapitaLand's key commercial complex projects in East China. It is Located in Shanghai’s downtown area at the intersection of Xujiahui Road and Madang Road, the excellent location and unique architectural style makes it stand out.

        It is designed by renowned architect - Moshe Safdie. The development brings shoppers rich sensory enjoyment by its signiture design and becomes a new benchmark for people who pursue quality lifestyle.

        CapitaMall LuOne, Shanghai

        Location:Luwan, Shanghai


        Safdie Architects, LLC.
        Institute of Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd.

        Type of Building:Retail & Office

        Relevant Projects:

        CapitaMall Tianfu, Chengdu
        CapitaMall Westgate, Wuhan
        CapitaMall Xinduxin, Qingdao


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